Adventures in Language Learning
Hi, my name is Annie, and learning languages is my passion. I am 17 years old. I am a native English speaker, and I am proficient in French. Languages in progress are: Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Icelandic (on break), Italian, Spanish, Sindarin, and Arabic. Happy language learning!

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hey any linguistics people, please help me with this one question.. what do the sounds [ʌ ə ʊ a] have in common? like in terms of roundness, tense/lax, high/mid/low front/central/back? obviously they’re all vowels but i can’t find anything more than that?? just really confused

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→ Update

Hey everyone. I haven’t been active here. I had a lot of issues lately (nervous breakdown), but I’m really trying to get better. 

I’m going to college in the fall. Going in as a Linguistics major, and thinking about double majoring in Astronomy. But I’m just going to explore all my options and classes and do whatever makes me happy. I’m going to slowly learn languages again, hopefully I will be on lang-8 a lot.

I’m just going to try and do stuff that makes me happy.

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→ Klingon/Sindarin/Quenya/ language buddy?


You may not know, but I LOVE learning languages. I speak several languages other than English but every time I try to learn a constructed language, I never get far because I have no one to practice with. Forums can only get one so far, and I know that if I had a language buddy (or a few!) to learn and practice with, I wouldn’t forget the language.

So PLEASE, if you have any interest in being my language learning buddy for either KLINGON, SINDARIN, or QUENYA, send me a message!

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→ Last Japanese Class

I started going to a pre-college Japanese program four years ago. Today is the last class ever of waking up early Sunday mornings to go learn Japanese with my tutor. So weird to think that I won’t be going to the same class starting again in the fall… BUT I will definitely continue with Japanese in college, using what I learned these last four years. 

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Thank you everyone! I can’t believe I have that many people following this blog.

I apologize that I haven’t been very active here lately. My anxiety has gotten very bad, causing my dermatillomania and trichotillomania to start up again full force. I started pulling my hair again after six years of being pull-free. It’s not been fun for me. Tumblr has also become an unhappy place. I’ll try to get back into this blog and my general language learning routine soon.

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→ Startalk

For the summer I am applying for a scholarship to study Turkish through Startalk at my local university!

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